Commercial Kitchen

This kitchen is built for production with a separate prep and cooking side, walk-in freezer and cooler, with loading area in the back. The space is 2,347sf and comes fixtured with equipment: 30' canopy, rationale oven, flat top, steam kettles, deep fryers, freezer, cooler, and dry storage available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the kitchen be available? The kitchen is available with 30 days notice.

Do I share the kitchen with other businesses? No, we are seeking a long-term lease to one business. Our tenant can share the kitchen with other businesses if they wish.


  • 8865 - 63 Avenue


  • 8865 - 63 Avenue, NW, Edmonton, AB
  • Seeking single-user tenant
  • 2,347sf Kitchen available 24/7
  • Walk-in cooler and freezer
  • Freezer, cooler, and dry storage for food goods available
  • Production kitchen equipment includes: 30' canopy, rationale oven, flat top grille, deep fryers, steam kettles, burners, and mixer

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